Foresna Zurgaia was created in 1992 out of the need for an Association to bring together small forest owners and public bodies that are mountain owners. Our Autonomous Community is characterised by highly fragmented land ownership. There are many land owners, but they have very small holdings, which makes management and proper development difficult.

The constituting assembly was held on 23 June, 1992 and the positions that legally represent the association were chosen.

President: Francisco Javier Berraondo

Vice president: Juan José Txoperena

Secretary: Luis Ignacio Loyarte

Treasurer: José Félix Arriezu

Spokespeople: José María Irazoqui, Santiago Mitxeltorena, Sabino Pagola.

The essential qualities and goals described in the statutes were the following:

To constitute a group of forest owners, mountain owners and forest property managers, (forests of Navarre) consisting of individual persons as well as legal entities.

  • To represent, defend and negotiate in favour of the interests and rights of forest owners of Navarre before national and international governmental bodies, the media and the general public.
  • To carry out studies and issue proposals and reports regarding forestry issues and present and disseminate them among members, entities, organisations, and businesses.
  • To provide individual and general advising, training and recycling to optimise forest management.

In its first two years, it had 130 individual members with a total of 760 ha and 12 town councils: Zubieta, Dicastillo, Corella, Bera, Junta Administrativa de los Montes Bidasoa Berroaran, Arantza, San Adrián, Arellano, Igantzi, Alsasua, Puente la Reina and Salinas de Oro.

Foresna-Zurgaia is currently very well established due to the agreements signed with the Government of Navarre based in Regional Law 13/1990 of 31 December for the protection and development of the woodlands of Navarre and the Regional Decree 59/1992 of 17 February that establishes the regulations and where the goals of forestry policy, promotion and forestry associations are defined.

Likewise, the Forestry Plan of Navarre, approved by the Parliament of Navarre in November, 1998, set forth a goal for itself consisting of developing and improving the management activities of forestry agents (goal 7) and, to those ends, it also set forth numerous actions, including number 722 “support for forestry associations” and 743 “training for mountain land owners and operators.”


We are a Non-Profit Association registered in the Associations Registry with record no. NA85, created to defend the interests of its members as described in its founding statutes.

General Assembly

The General Assembly meets once a year and all members of Foresna-Zurgaia may attend with voting and speaking rights. It has complete decision making authority including the right to replace the Board of Directors.

The positions are held for one year, as set forth in the Statutes, and may be renewed indefinitely. The Board of Directors meets once a quarter to monitor how actions approved in the General Assembly are being carried out.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of governing bodies such as the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and Spokespeople who represent town councils and individuals.


  • PRESIDENT: Miguel Angel Oscoz Arce
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Gabriel Orradre
  • SECRETARY: Luis Miguel Bezunartea
  • TREASURER: Jesus Maria Velaz
    • Jose Maria Ursuegui
    • Angel Mari Barace
    • Maria Luz Juanmartiñena
    • Ulibarri Town Council
    • Villafranca Town Council
    • Ultzama Town Council

The Navarre Forestry Association is currently made up of a manager and a technical body consisting of three engineers whose responsibility is advising members about everything regarding their mountain land. The outcome of this is the resolution of administrative and legal issues and especially practical situations regarding the management of their forest areas. The organisational chart follows:

Juan Miguel Villarroel Garcia

Antonio Astrain Romano
Media and Ribera area Technician

Eduardo Montero Eseverri
Pyrenees area Technician

Luis Olza Donazar
Cantabria area Technician


Our association’s statutes can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Foresna Statutes


The Navarre Forestry Association currently has different kinds of members. On one hand, there are local entities who are represented by 55 town councils, 20 municipalities and 5 Valley Administrations.

On the other hand, there are all the individuals and legal entities who have forest properties or if they aren’t owners, they manage mountain land. There are 300 owners in this group and 3 owners’ associations that have more than 70-80 owners, in the case of the Pyrenees organisations.

Members gain free access to the range of services provided by Foresna and discounts on jobs where payment is required.

To become a member, you must possess or manage mountain land and pay dues based on the area of mountain land you own.


FORESNA ZURGAIA. Navarre Forestry Association.

Calle Alfonso el Batallador 6, entreplanta
31007 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
Tel. 948 151 501 Fax.: 948 153 482


If you are a forest owner or manager in Navarre, become a member of Foresna Zurgaia and enjoy the benefits of all the services offered by the association. Members also get a free subscription to the Navarra Forestal magazine.

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If you cannot become a member but you would like to receive information about talks, workshops, excursions or receive our magazine at home you can become an associate of Foresna-Zurgaia by signing up with your personal information and paying the annual dues of € 50 plus VAT.

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